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We'll be running another cycle marking session at The Centre on
Wed 13 June 2018 (3:30-6:30 pm)

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Elsea Park
      Community Trust
The Centre @ Elsea Park 

1 Sandown Drive


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For Centre related matters:

What is The Trust responsible for?

The Community Centre and several of the public open spaces and play areas that lay within the developed area of Elsea Park have already been legally transferred to The Trust.  In time, all public open spaces will be similarly transferred such that The Trust will eventually own, control and manage all the public open spaces, ponds, drainage structures and buildings thereon.

The Trust currently owns and maintains:

•        The Centre @ Elsea Park

•        Linear Park (the grassed area running between The Centre and The A15)

•        Cooke's Field (adjacent to The Centre)

•        Arena Pond and parts of Arena Park

•        Elsea Meadows and the habitat and wildlife ponds within the meadows

•        The Setts Green Conservation Area

•        Many of the grass verges within the development, the verge along the western edge of the A15, and the verges between the Sugar Mill Roundabout and The Gables Roundabout on either side of Raymond Mays Way

•        Five of the six fully equipped play areas

The Trust will only accept the legal transfer of areas that have been brought up to a suitable standard by the developer.  Until that legal transfer takes place, the developer remains wholly responsible for such areas.

To improve the appearance of the development, and as an interim measure, The Trust maintains some of the areas that have not yet been handed over, the cost of this maintenance being "billed back" to the developer.  There are, however, some areas on Elsea Park that are not in a suitable condition to maintain under these interim arrangements.

The Trust employs a Trust Manager and a Finance and Administration Officer, supported by staff to run and maintain The Centre.

Our full time groundsman maintains the extensive conservation areas and the majority of the childrens play parks and undertakes the routine inspection and maintenance of watercourses and drainage structures located on land that is in the ownership of The Trust.


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